5 ways to incorporate laminate in hospitality projects

5 ways to incorporate laminate in hospitality projects

Laminate sheets are an ideal surface material for the hospitality sector. A favoured choice in high-traffic areas, Formica® laminates are available in large sheet sizes; the perfect solution for high-impact hospitality environments. Here, we’ve listed the top five ways you can incorporate laminate in your next hospitality project.

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1. Furniture and cabinetry: Laminate sheets can be used as a cost-effective alternative to natural materials like wood or stone for furniture and cabinetry surfaces. Laminate is easy to clean and maintain, so is particularly useful for pieces that may encounter spills, stains, or frequent cleaning such as in hotels or restaurants.

Furniture and cabinetry

F8587 Peruca Walnut, F5782 Formal Walnut, & F8586 Cetina Walnut 

2. Wall cladding: Laminate sheets can be applied to walls to add visual interest and texture. It can create focal points, accent walls, or even full wall coverings, mixing with other materials to enhance the ambiance of the space.

Wall cladding

F3458 Travertine Silver, F8243 Night Shade & 447 Homapal Alu Brushed Copper Tone

3. High-traffic areas: Laminate is known for its durability, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas like hotel lobbies, corridors, and restaurants. It can withstand everyday knocks of food trolleys, suitcases and customers whilst being resistant to scratches and stains, ensuring that the design remains pristine for an extended period.

High traffic areas

F8239 Henna, F8140 Brick, F8141 Adobe, & F1548 Mocha Cedar

4. Washroom interiors: In hotel and restaurant washrooms, laminate sheets can be used for cubicles, doors, countertops, and wall surfaces. With moisture-resistant compact grade and standard HPL available, Formica Laminate is suitable for all these environments, maintaining its appearance and structural integrity even in humid conditions.

Washroom interiors

F9483 Ferro Graphite, F1547 Noir Cedar, F2253 Diamond Black, & CC3460 Calacatta Marble

5. Tabletops and Worktops: Laminate is a practical choice for restaurant tabletops or bar worktops as it can withstand spills, heat, and daily wear. Moreover, it offers a broad range of design possibilities to match the restaurant's theme or overall interior.

Tabletops and worktops

F3457 Breccia Paradiso

The low maintenance costs and its ongoing performance excellence are key properties for architects and designers working on hospitality projects. Remember, proper fabrication and installation of laminate is crucial to achieve the materials structural qualities, so working with experienced fabricators is recommended. 

Find out more about the Formica Laminate ranges available to hospitality projects here.

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