Formica® Patterns Collection by Formica Group

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Formica® Patterns Collection: Redefining Pattern Through Surfaces

The new Formica® Patterns Collection features 86 decors and 10 textures inspired by the simplistic beauty of natural materials, abstract designs and engineered surfaces.

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Drawing inspiration from world-renowned luxurious natural stones, timeless terrazzo surfaces, metal effects and classic textiles, the Formica® Patterns Collection will enhance the overall look of your interior through stunning laminate designs and unique textures. Our innovative design process combines reclaimed materials, handcrafted artworks and modern techniques to create laminates that exude a contemporary and timeless appeal.

Each of the nine design series within the collection tells its own story - redefining pattern through surfaces. New stories will be shared weekly, so check back to learn a little more about our new patterns.


Turning attention to intriguing, trend-led surfaces, the RAW series from the new Formica® Patterns Collection celebrates the harmony between design and sustainable manufacturing practices.


Inspired by the geological aesthetics of natural stone, combined with manmade marks, new Monolith texture delivers an impressive laminate look that’s ageless and endlessly versatile.


The Engineered series from the Formica® Patterns Collection offers sleek and modern laminate designs inspired by materials used throughout the built environment, embracing the variety of colours and patterns that they offer.


Inspired by the natural world, but 100% Formica® brand original artworks, the Abstract series decors have been exclusively hand-designed to create original surfaces, that leave a lasting impression on interior spaces.


Inspired by the world’s most beautiful natural stones, the Stones series from the Formica® Patterns Collection connects interiors with stunning marble inspirations, transforming an everyday space into a sanctuary of luxury.

Metal Effects

Providing striking appeal, the Metal Effects series takes inspiration from metals and materials with metallic finishes, adding an industrial touch to modern interiors.


Textiles and fabrics are used extensively throughout interior design, typically as soft furnishings to add warmth and tactility. The new Textile series from the Formica® Patterns Collection extends the possibilities of where these looks can be used, with the enhanced performance and functionality of laminate.


The carefully curated palette of Frosted laminate decors ranging from creamy white tones to trend-led burnished colours brings a sense of lustre to an interior space.


Inspired by intricate patterns and abstract shapes, the Geo-optics series celebrates the Formica® Laminate heritage for bold graphic pattern.

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Formica® Patterns Collection: Redefining pattern through surfaces

Formica Group, the first and original laminate manufacturer, proudly presents its latest innovation: the Formica® Patterns Collection.
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New Laminate Textures 730x550

Exploring new laminate textures from the Formica® Patterns Collection

In the dynamic world of interior design, textures play a pivotal role in shaping the ambience and character of interior spaces. With the new Formica® Patterns Collection, three innovative textures emerge, each offering a distinct visual and tactile experience.
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Recycled Kraft 730x550

Recycled Kraft

Decor paper layers made with recycled material and admired for their organic beauty; laminate made with Recycled Kraft décor has become one of today’s most sought after design trends.
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Reclaimed Denim Fiber 730x550

Reclaimed Denim Fiber

F9271 Reclaimed Denim Fiber from the new Formica® Patterns Collection gives reclaimed fibres from the production of denim textiles a second life with its new decorative denim paper design.
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Paper Terrazzo 730x550

Paper Terrazzo

The fragmented beauty and colour play of Terrazzo patterns, make it a fixture of any residential, hospitality, or office space, infusing horizontal and vertical surfaces with its distinctive charm, courtesy of two new Formica® Patterns - F8812 Tinted Paper Terrazzo and F8813 Tonal Paper Terrazzo.
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Patterns in interior design 730x550

The importance of pattern in commercial interior design

Ever since Jean Papillon created the first repeating design as a “paper tapestry” in 1675, interior designers have welcomed patterns into their schemes to add colour, warmth and visual interest.
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