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Explore 110 Years of Formica® Patterns

The year 2023 brings the unique opportunity for us to reflect on and celebrate 110 years of Formica® Brand Patterns. Join us as we revisit and share the stories from some of the most unique, interesting and perhaps famous Formica® Patterns from our history.

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2023 Formica® Specialty Collection

Created specifically with commercial spaces in mind, the 2023 Formica® Specialty Collection will bring creativity and warmth to your space. The elegant Fabric Collection is available in classic Formica® Laminate, two-sided Formica® Compact and impact-resistant HardStop® Decorative Wall Protection Panels for maximum versatility while the durable and beautiful Everform® Solid Surface line expands with seven inspired new designs.

Inspire your Space

Formica Corporation: Materializing Sustainability

Read about our corporate commitment to achieving net carbon neutrality by 2030.

Cleaning Tips

View our recommendations on how to clean and disinfect your Formica® surfaces.

Advice and Ideas

Articles and case studies to inspire your next design project.
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Digital Material Libraries

See all Formica® Brand products within the Digital Material Library that fit your design program.

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