Continuing Education with Formica Group

Library tables made with Formica® Laminate in 1198 Jadeite

Continuing Education

Continuing Education with Formica Group

Formica Group offers a variety of AIA, IDCEC, and HSW approved courses to help fulfill your continuing education requirements.

Please visit our CEU Events page to view our upcoming in-person and online courses or to request a private course for your group.

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Current Courses

From Future Vision to Material Reality: How Predictions for Color, Material and Finish have Come to Life

Join us as we take a look back at the three trend stories of Future Vision Vol. 2, and the colors, materials and finishes that were predicted to influence and drive design right now. We will validate (or update) the colors, materials and finishes with new information, trends and case studies.
Accredited by: AIA, IDCEC

Future Vision 2021/2022

Future Vision 2021/2022 outlines trends and driving factors told in three stories. Taking note of influences such as black swan events like covid-19, technology innovations, interior design advances and architectural projects, we consider how these elements will influence and inspire the design industry for the next 2 years. We will explore how they will influence product development and color choices as well as the industry as a whole.
Accredited by: AIA, IDCEC

Hard Walls, High Style: Decorative Protection Panels Bring Style, Durability, Resiliency, and Safety to Commercial Settings

Commercial spaces require vertical surfaces that are durable, long-lasting, impact resistant, and stylish. They must have industrial strength, but exude the latest trendy ambiance. Our focus today is on decorative protection panels that take the idea of high-pressure laminates to the next level, replacing the kraft paper core with a durable and resilient fiberglass core. This course explores this next generation of durable wall panels.
Accredited by: AIA, HSW, IDCEC

Healthcare Surfaces: Marrying Function with Design

How cutting-edge surfacing products create hygiene, durability, and beauty in hospitals, healthcare facilities, and pediatrician offices
Accredited by: AIA, HSW, IDCEC

How Laminate is Made: Formica Corporation Plant Tour

*In-person plant tour at Formica Group's Evendale, Ohio or St. Jean, Canada facilities* In 1913, the founders of Formica Corporation discovered that high-pressure plastic resins can be used to make electrical parts, replacing the mineral mica, and established the Formica Products Company. By 1930, the company shifted from industrial applications to decorative laminate products, which are still made today at the company’s Cincinnati and St. Jean, Canada plants. On this tour, you will learn how high pressure decorative laminate is made, from raw material to finished product. This tour will also teach participants about important safety measures, efficient and sustainable manufacturing processes and how quality control ensures each sheet of laminate is manufactured to the highest quality.
Accredited by: AIA, IDCEC

Inspired By Wood

We love the warmth, character and natural beauty of wood. It’s estimated there are over 60,000 species of wood in the world, each made unique by their color, grain structure and characteristics. Wood is probably the most versatile material used today, but there are installations and uses where wood-look laminate is a more sensible choice. Join us as we explore the world of wood species, grain structure, marquetry and finishing and discover along the way how wood laminate is created to honor real wood, while providing an alternative choice.
Accredited by: AIA, HSW, IDCEC

Specifying Solid Surfacing Materials

Solid Surface was first introduced more than 50 years ago and remains a strong option for both residential and commercial surfacing. From bathroom and kitchen counters to high-traffic transaction counters in retail environments or wet areas in healthcare, solid surfacing is a functional, stylish and durable option. This course will examine how solid surfaces are made, their key features and benefits, and common applications.
Accredited by: AIA, IDCEC

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